Hello, I am Nicole Lozano.  I'm a senior Girl Scout of Green Acres Troop 001, and have constructed my Gold Award Project to encourage literacy and reading.

The first part of the project was a book drive. The books given have benefited both the Tyler Public Library, and the Tyler Literacy Council, whose educational programs depend upon the use of colorful children's books, which are what were gathered.

The second part of my project, which is still in progress, will carry out the recording and creation of a number of audiobooks, to accompany the donation of books gathered in the first part of the project. These audiobooks will allow those who cannot read for themselves, such as the very young or the visually impaired, to also enjoy the pleasure of a well-told story.

My goal in creating and carrying out this project is to provide a useful service to those organizations already promoting literacy in the area, and to do my part to encourage reading as both a pastime, and as an avenue for learning.  Reading has always been important to me, and I want to pass the respect for books that I’ve gained on to others in the community.  To the many who have helped:

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Thank You!

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